• Without Technology and real time data, California cannot track/trace the spread of COVID-19 or protect residents in long term care facilities 

• California is not using technology to gather critical data before, during or after a disaster. 

• California does not have a central database that can used to relocate and re association residents and staff to other facilities.

• Facilities do not have a State Technology Tool to report in real time a death, sickness or incident related to COVID-19 or any other disaster.

• Facilities must rely on information passed through social media, email and researching multiple resources for guidance 

• Facilities are not prepared to care for COVID-19 and need support and assistance

• The State has suspended all on site visits leaving our seniors even more vulnerable.

• In order to preserve the lives of those living in Long term care facilities California must identify and protect them now. 



COVID-19 Response Technology Tool is available and ready to deploy to all Long-term care facilities and vulnerable populations. 

• California can begin to track, trace and confirm screening for residents and staff. 

• Real time data will significantly impact the timeliness of resource allocation and testing as well as assess COVID-19 risks in each facility.

• Facilities have a dashboard where they will enter and receive critical data, during emergencies (COVID-19, earthquake, flooding, fires)

• Administrators will submit a daily report with requested data included 

• DSS, CDC and local health departments will have ability to post provider information notices and confirm that facilities are receiving and acknowledging this important information. 

• This technology can be used going forward to collect resident data such as bed count, ambulatory status, oxygen user and dependency of medical equipment 

• DATA is the Solution. Real time data must be available without having to call facilities on the phone and having multiple organizations collecting data and creating spreadsheets.